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Jun 16, 2024

11:30 AM Session 

Presiding: Bishop Powell

Conducting: Bishop Powell

Music: Sis Lindsay and Sis Murdock


Opening Hymn:   #296 - Our Father, by Whose Name


Opening Prayer:  Landon Terry

Sacrament Hymn: #175 - O God, the Eternal Father


Speaker: Ashton Purcell

Rest Hymn:  Primary - Fathers Day Medley

Speaker:  Ginny Bradley

Closing Hymn:  #301 - I Am A Child Of God

Closing Prayer: Jessica Johnson 


  • Girls Camp ​this week 6/20-6/22

  • 2024 Oakwood Ward Temple Days : Jun 15th, Jul 20th, Aug 17th, Sep 21st, Oct 19th, Nov 16th, and Dec 21st 10:00AM - 12:00PM at the Red Cliffs Temple. 

Oakwood Ward Mission Plan 2024

1. Invite friends who attended the temple open

house to a ward social or other church activity

during 2024

2. Focus on how to involve non-members,

neighbors and or less active members in ward


3. Schedule regular block parties in

neighborhoods and pass out invites to every

home in that neighborhood

4. The ward council will identify fellowshippers for

each non-member residing in our ward. Those

fellowshippers will be invited to take the lead in

inviting non-members to ward activities.

5. Each family in the ward will have a non-

member or less-active neighbor in their home or

back yard at least once in 2024

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